Your Go-To Holiday Shopping Guide: FOR HER!

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

It is officially the happiest time of the year; THE HOLIDAY SEASON!

Whether you start your shopping during 'Black Friday & Cyber Monday' or wait last minute, this Holiday guide is for YOU! I wanted to give you all the chance absorb some of the good 'Black Friday' specials this upcoming weekend.

I am sharing this Holiday Guide for anyone looking to get a female in their life something special. Whether it is your sister, mother, friend, co-worker, girlfriend, etc.

I hand selected some of my favorite go-to items and some even from my very own wishlist to help spark some ideas for you holiday shoppers.

In order to be mindful of your budgets, there are 4 different guides on here ranging from under $30 to under $100(MAX). I hope that this awakens the holiday spirit within you and gets you excited about the upcoming holidays! Click on the items you like to shop. ENJOY!

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*Please note some prices may alter based on black Friday sales*




UNDER $100


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