The Power of Networking

These past few month's I have been focusing my energy on networking , from attending events, to hosting my very first one, it has taught me so much. Connecting is one of the key components to growing just about any business. The reason for that is because we just can't do it all alone.No matter how independent, creative, smart or strong you are, you just can't do everything on your own, and that is okay. In order for any vision to grow to it's fullest potential you will at some point require assistance. That assistance can be as simple as a pep-talk from a peer, or some sort of inspirational gesture from a friend. Whether you realize it or not making the right connections is momentous for our growth both career wise and personally.

Establishing the right connections has a great amount of influence on you the same way that the wrong connections would because ENERGY SPREADS and it spreads quickly. The connections I have made in the past couple of month's have empowered me on so many levels and it has been a positive influence to both my personal and entrepreneurial life. To be around the right people is a power and it takes strength to obtain it. It takes being strong enough to encounter your own demons and realize what it is that you want to improve about yourself, in order attract the right energy. I have always believed that to some extent every connection we make leads to growth because through each relationship, failed or successful, we learn more about our own selves.

On one of the recent panels I attended, one of the speakers mentioned the importance of having people on your side, people on the same level as you; to go through the bumps along the road with, to get like-minded opinions from, to ask relative questions that you may not always have the answers to --because, no one is perfect. This message has stuck with me and I am constantly reminded that I am right where I am supposed to be thanks to these new found friendships. Being able to meet others who are on the same path as me has been such an inspiration and I look forward to continue to connect with more amazing minds! I encourage networking to anyone, even if you are not looking to grow a business, simply because I believe that it is good for the soul.


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