Skincare: Nighttime Routine

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Last year was a tough year for my skin. I I vowed to make skin care more of a priority no matter how tired or how long the days ahead might be. In the past, I would not be as consistent with a full skincare routine. I decided to take full accountability for that and do better for my skin in the new year.

A few years ago, I learned that I have a skin condition called 'Rosacea'. Rosacea(rose-ay-sha or perhaps rosaysh-UGH) is a common skin disease that can cause redness and inflammation in the skin. The inflammation makes your skin feel really hot which in my case, can cause irritation in even my eyes. It can spread beyond the nose, cheeks and even chest area, but does vary for everyone. Learning this, I instantly became more conscious of creating skin care routines because it did cause slight discomfort and sense of self-consciousness within me.

Skin care is important to me because it's a daily dose of confidence. I always preach about self-love and while I do not consider myself to be vain, I do believe that self-love comes in different forms. Just like everything else in life, there should be a balance. A huge component of that is how you speak to yourself, you will always catch me saying this. However, how you look will eventually tie into how you feel about yourself within. There is something about healthy skin that is empowering! Ever since I discovered that, I am constantly on the search for skin care products that will give me that sense of empowerment.

'I feel this new found strength in my skin.'-Allurée Michelle

One thing 2018 did teach me regarding skin care, was the importance of toner. I wasn't always a believer of toner. I thought it was just one extra thing made up to make you spend more. BOY WAS I WRONG! Since I introduced toner into my day and night routines, I feel this new found strength in my skin. It feels less bumpy, clean and more prepared to tackle the long days. Toner is important for many reasons.

Below are some of these reasons :

1. Reduces the appearance of pores.

2. Removes excess dirt from the face.

3. Preps skin allowing for moisturizers and serums to absorb better into the skin.

My skincare routines will vary slightly. If I had makeup on, I might add on a few more steps. If I am doing a specific mask that night I might reduce or alter it. I am sharing my most common nighttime skin care routine on this blog post. My day time routine is still in the works, I usually just do a cleanser, toner and SPF + tinted moisturizer before I head out for the day. I will post another blog post once I perfect my daytime routine with all the fun details on that. In the meantime, I find that my nighttime routine is really where I go in. So I will start with that one.

My current nighttime routine includes:

1. Lancome Paris ‘Creme Radiance’.

2. Ole Henriksen Glow 2 OH Dark spot toner.

3. Spot treatment with Tea tree oil on any breakouts. (if any)-

I couldn't find the exact one I have but mine, I've had forever. I Linked the next best option for you .

Once step 3 dries up, I use a bit of moisturizer prior to step

4. Sunday Riley ‘A+ High dose Retinoid Serum’.

5. Seal it off with more moisturizer- Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion.

6. A few drops of ‘ Pinkness Forever Flawless Beauty oil’ around my chest and neck area first, whatever residue is left on my hands I rub on my face and even hair in the end.

7. 'Laneige lip sleeping mask'.

I don’t always use under eye cream, so I won’t add it on here but when I do, I use ‘Juice Beauty’s smoothing eye concentrate’.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Like/share if you’d like to see a video on this nighttime routine.


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