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Updated: Jan 30, 2019

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This year is just about 3 quarters in and I have yet to catch a flight and relax on a nice island somewhere. Though this blog-post comes while summer is sadly leaving us, I hope that it can guide you with planning future mini-getaways. I had been reading into Montauk for a while. It has become quite popular with New Yorkers just like me in search of a quick getaway to relax and escape the stressful city life. It is located on the very end of Long Island, where it earned the nickname “The End of the world” This little charming town is New York's hidden beachy gem. If you are looking for weekend getaway full of beach and laid back vibes away from the city continue reading...

Getting to Montauk:

There are several ways to get to Montauk. By car, by train or bus. In more rare scenarios even by air. But let's not get into that right now.

By car: It can take anywhere between 2 hours - 4 hours by car depending on what part of the city you are traveling from and traffic. In my case, it took about 2.5 hours both ways. You want to try to beat traffic so leaving early is highly recommended.

By Train: Another option is the LIRR which is by far the most popular way to get there. Depending on which train you catch you may have to make a quick transfer in Jamaica before arriving in Montauk.

One-way ticket prices do vary between $20-35 depending the time of day you travel. See peak vs. off-peak pricing below and well as scheduled times. For more pricing and scheduling info click here.

By Bus: The Hampton Jitney is another way to get to Montauk on a Friday afternoon. The bus picks up from multiple places around the city and takes making it pretty convenient but times to vary based on how much traffic you catch along the way. I would say it roughly takes around 3 hours to get to Montauk by bus. It will make multiple stops and drop you off in the center of town. Tickets will cost you $28 if pre-booked online or $30 cash on the bus. Book ahead to make sure you get a seat because these buses fill up fast during peak travel times. Also as an added bonus snacks and water are provided on the bus.

For more information on booking your travels by bus click here.

Where to stay :

Deciding where to stay was next. I was looking for a cute hotel that would be charming for families because I was traveling with my 10-year-old son as well. I saw so many nice hotels, some seemed more kid-friendly than others but if I were to go back without my son I would definitely consider. Below are three of my top three options starting with the actual place we decided on.

1. Atlantic Terrace

Atlantic Terrace was the hotel we ended up going with and we did not regret it one bit. This ocean-front property was perfect for families offering games to play a pool, lounge area and even a great breakfast/lunch spot called "Atlantic Terrace Eatery".

We went with the 'beachfront quad' and the views were so phenomenal! Waking up to the ocean made for the ultimate relaxing getaway.

2. The Montauk Beach House:

This was one of my top favorites! Although we ended up not going with this one this time, it is on my radar for our return to Montauk.

It seemed super fun and more of something we would want to experience in an adult only crowd.

3. Hero Beach Club

This was another one of my favorites! So sad it was fully booked for the dates I wanted. No worries though gives me all the more reason to return!

For this mini road-trip, I focused on less party more relaxation and family quality time. We only spent one night in Montauk so there was a time limit on all the activities we could do. I really wanted to bike ride but due to the limited time, we weren't able to do so. I would highly recommend it though. It is both a good exercise for you and your pockets because you save on gas. It is a small town and biking through seems super easy and fun.

Here are some of the places to eat that we checked or would recommend:

Where to Eat:

1.Tacombi Montauk

This cute 'instagramable' taco spot also has a location in Flatiron as well in case you can't wait until you plan a trip to Montauk. I really love their fish tacos!


Another yummy taco spot to check out which is open for breakfast lunch and dinner. Burrito for breakfast!? Do you accept the challenge ?

3.Continental Market

In the morning we let Jayden( my 10-year-old son) pick breakfast. Turns out he's a cheap date ladies all he wanted was a bacon egg and cheese. So we decided to walk from the hotel in search of it and stumbled onto this random mini market with all the Dominican bodega feels. They served all sorts of breakfast lunch and dinner options. It seemed to be a hot morning stop for people to grab and go and so we did and it was perfect.

As far as what we did besides enjoy the beach, pool and relax? We drove up to the very end of Montauk where the 'Montauk Lighthouse' sits. The lighthouse, located in Montauk Point State Park is about 6 miles from the center of town. If you go by car you will have to pay an $8 parking fee plus another $11 per adults /$5 per children if you want to walk up and tour the lighthouse.

Once again you may want to consider biking it to make it more of the adventure. You can walk to the top of the lighthouse and enjoy the museum before biking back to town.

Our trip was super short but it was all the relaxation we were looking for and the best way to wrap up summer'18. We hope to return next summer and explore more of 'The end of the world.'

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