At Your Own Pace

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

I read this quote somewhere online that got me thinking...

" Don't let the internet rush you."


It got me thinking about peer pressure and how it has magnified through the internet over the years. In the past our social life would not have a pulse if we did not go out and live it. Now a days it seems anyone with internet has means to one. The easy access to a social life has its perks for people who dream of reaching a larger audience. However, it does have quiet the disadvantage as well.

There is so much peer pressure online! Peer pressure to be fit, peer pressure to try the latest trends in make-up, fashion, etc. Peer pressure to travel, even peer pressure to have a specific type of career! The easy access to anything can become quite overwhelming, because people become consumed by it and start to compare their lives to what they see online.

At the same time that I am all for promoting a good product or a good vacation, I also want others to be aware that it is okay to have your own path and to go at your own pace with things. Don't rush into something just because it worked for one person, instead go for it because it means something to you.

You do not need to be self-employed to live the life of your dreams. If working your 9-5 job pays your bills and feeds your happiness then embrace it! No one has the perfect life, NO ONE! So even if you complain about your 9-5 or the commute on the train , it's just life! Believe me even a person that works from home will find things to complain about.

Point is, we each have a finish line but the journey to that finish line does not have to be the same. That's utterly boring! You should want the different journey, you should want your OWN version of it. That is the true beauty in life so please don't be peer pressured by what you see online. Do what you want , when you want. Make your OWN rules and most importantly--AT YOUR OWN PACE.

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