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Updated: Jan 30, 2019

I will start this blog with this:




Just like any other journey, this transition has been tough. I have attempted to go on this journey before and regressed simply because getting out of old habits isn't easy.

I have curly hair since I was a baby and I have never quite known how to truly value my curls until--well, recently. My mom has always had straight/wavy hair and as a kid I always complained about my hair not being like hers. I hated how frizzy and how knotted my hair would get and I hated that I couldn't just wash and air dry to get straight hair like hers. She would always tell me: 'when you grow up, you will learn to love your hair and its universal beauty'. I never quite understood what she meant by that. I always thought she was just being a mom and trying to make me feel better. As an adult, it's clear as day to me that my mother was yet again right about one more thing. Thank you momma! Sorry I was stubborn.

One good thing I am able to say is that I never went as far as perming my hair. I did however, cause a lot of damage to my curls in other ways. I became obsessive with straight hair. In high school, I would blow out my hair up to 2-3 times a week including flat irons to re-touch the frizzy areas. I also began experimenting with hair dyes, products such as lighting gel and believe it or not these alone were enough to cause A LOT of damage.

When I first began this 'No heat' journey I think it was about 2 years ago (Jan 2016). I believe I lasted four months without heat that time and though I saw some change, it wasn't enough to fully make me resist the urge to blow dry my hair yet again and again...

With each time I took on this journey, what I noticed was that every time an event came around, I felt like I wasn't appropriate if my hair wasn't straight. I knew that if I was going to take this journey seriously I had to get that idea out of my head. I had to be confident and pull it together.

I decided that I would make the best of my hair for events and quit making excuses. So for weddings even my birthday I DID NOT resort to the blow dryer. That's when I knew I was serious about this.

I also told myself I wouldn't do the whole, "I will never apply heat ever again". Something about the word 'never' gives me the chills. Never is an eternity and frankly I don't want to apply anymore pressure to this journey, after all that isn't the point of this journey. The purpose of this journey is to bring my hair back to a healthy and natural state so that I am able to enjoy it's 'universal beauty'. If you are wondering if I plan to be heat free forever, the answer is no. I will at some point blow it out again and it will be amazing to see how much stronger and healthier my hair will look. However, I am in no rush to do that and I don't foresee it happening soon. I do however know I won't be blow drying it as often as I normally did. It just wasn't healthy. I have gotten a lot more comfortable with my hair and although it is a lot more maintenance and hard-work, Beauty comes with a cost.

I will be heat free for a year next month and it's truly been a learning experience. One beneficial step towards the improvement of my hair was getting curl cuts. I decided to go to the Devachan salon in Soho because I love deva curl products. Their products really helped restore my curls. There are plenty other options of course, but this was my preference. I chose a stylist by the name of 'Nevila' she has been truly amazing. Her portfolio speaks for itself, she creates curly queens! Check out Nevila's IG and see for yourself.

I've learned patience in this journey. You cannot expect results over night, that is for sure. I learned to go the extra mile for my hair. I use treatments to strengthen and hydrate my hair consistently and I try new hairstyles so I don't get bored of the same old style.I have even tried wigs and honestly--why didn't I think about this before? Any Style, any color minus all the hair damage!?

I still have a lot to learn and that keeps me intrigued and motivated to continue to protect my curls. It keeps it interesting to know you can become more diverse with hairstyles and not just resort to the usual salon blowout. I want to be able to teach my future daughter or nieces how to properly care for their curly crowns. Growing up, my mom didn't have my same hair as me so as much as she would want to help, she didn't know all the tips and tricks herself. I also was the oldest of all my siblings so I didn't have an older sister to help me learn how to deal with my hair type.

It helps so much to have a small curly fam on social media. I get so motivated by my fellow curly queens. Shoutout to them all ! Curlswithapromise, FarahPink, Brooklynpetite, Followthatgirlwiththecurls, just to name a few of my personal favorites on Instagram. Check them out! It's accounts like theirs, always shining light on new, fun & creative ways to slay and be mindful of your natural hair that help along with plenty YouTube tutorials.

I LOVE that more and more women are becoming comfortable with their natural hair and I look forward to bettering my own with time. It's been a struggle and I am sure it still will be but looking back at photos, it's ALL worth it.




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