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I am Michelle, also known as Alluréemichelle. ‘Allurée’ has really become something meaningful to me; a reclaim of power and confidence. I became a mother as a teen and at the time what felt like the most vulnerable moment of my life has allowed me to re-discover my power & true potential. That ‘ALLURÈE’ is what I want to share with other women and not just moms, but any woman in general, that may need the reminder. I found that ‘Allurée’ through beauty and fashion which constantly inspires me and it is through that very thing that I hope to spark that fire in other women. 


What I love about fashion most is that there are no rules. You learn to create based off of what feels right to you and no one else. It’s a constant reminder that your originality and individuality matters most. Through this art you reveal a stronger sense of confidence, a new found empowerment. I need every woman to feel this empowerment. My goal with this platform is to remind you of this power that we are each born with and somehow tend to lose along the way. 

Allurée Michelle 

Please e-mail me for any collaborations or business inquiries: ALLUREEMICHELLE@GMAIL.COM